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Textured Eight (T8) is a communication agency focused on creating strategic communication & design solutions for our cutting-edge clients. T8 operates with purpose in various areas of innovative entertainment and ethical civil engagement. We’ve worked and consulted with numerous organizations across different industries and sectors and have recently been featured in Forbes–highlighting out founder’s crisis communication insight on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Featured Blog Posts

Iddris Sandu to have a Huge Impact on Diversity in Tech

The young prodigy brings great hope to the progression of diversity in tech with culturally inclusive and innovative efforts.  Considering his long list of accomplishments, it is hard to believe that Iddris Sandu, a tech innovator, is only 21-years old. Since the age of 13, Iddris has had the opportunity to work with some of…

Instagram Chats: One of the Most Underused Social Media Tactics

A guide to using Instagram Chats and why they’re a brilliant community building tool. By now, many people have heard about Twitter Chats or participated in one. The tactic provides people the opportunity to “chat” in one digital space, in an organized way from anywhere in the world. This article celebrates the history and potential…

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